Overwatch 2 devs are letting content creators balance game again in Season 11

Jeremy Gan
A screenshot featuring April Fools Ramattra in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 devs are letting content creators balance the game once again in a limited-time game mode in Season 11, bringing back a fan-favorite event from Overwatch 1.

Season 11 is bringing in a lot of new content, from the Kamen Rider-inspired theme of the Battle Pass, a new map in Runasapi with a massive rework to Colosseo, and even the Summer Games returning.

Nestled in between all of it is a new community game mode where the devs have invited content creators to reimagine hero abilities, bringing back an old fan favorite from Overwatch 1.

Back in 2021, Overwatch brought out a limited-time game mode for their now defunct experimental section where three streamers, Flats, Somjuu, and Violet, were invited to “balance” heroes for the mode.

Many of the changes were very over-the-top, however, it was a fan favorite as it introduced the idea of massively changing abilities for a laugh. With changes like landing on a player with Lucio’s beat dealing massive damage, or Brigette’s Inspire only healing herself.

Later into 2022, before everything switched to Overwatch 2, the devs once again let creators make over-the-top “balance” changes to their liking.

Now, after a two-year absence from the game, the devs are back at it and making a limited-time game mode for Season 11 with the input of creators. Who exactly is responsible for them hasn’t been revealed just yet.

However, in the trailer alone we can already see Hanzo’s Storm Arrows shooting multiple arrows at once — akin to his old Scatter Arrow — and Zenyatta flying while using Transcendence.

In the past few seasons, the devs have been reimaging a lot of Heroes, with Season 9’s annual April Fool’s event reworking heroes as a gag, and Mirrorwatch giving Talon and Overwatch heroes realistic reworks as part of the Season’s event.