Overwatch 2 players discover crazy team-wipe combo with new Orisa & Bastion ultimates

Orisa an Bastion in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is home to many wacky combinations with the game’s multiple heroes, and the Overwatch 2 beta has given players a wild one with Orisa and Bastion’s new ultimates.

Bastion and Orisa have been totally reworked for Overwatch 2, doing away with many of their old abilities and replacing them with brand new ones – including their previous SuperCharger and Configuration Tank ultimates.

Now, Orisa’s ultimate is called ‘Terra Surge.’ It lets her pull enemies toward her as she charges up her javelin to deal massive damage, while Bastion’s Artillery Mode fires three strikes on the map.

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As it turns out, these ultimates work extremely well together and make the two omnic heroes a serious threat on the battlefield.

Orisa OW reworkBlizzard Entertainment
Orisa has been reworked in Overwatch 2.

Orisa and Bastion ultimate combo destroys Overwatch 2 teams

As shown by Twitch streamer Venex, his team was inching closer to capturing the third point on King’s Row, but needed an opening to give them an edge.

After getting deep into the enemy line, Venex called for the combo and activated Terra Surge on the payload, bringing all four remaining foes together.

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Meanwhile, his Bastion teammate launched an Artillery strike on the clumped-up foes to completely obliterate them and capture the final objective.

It’s wild to see Bastion, a hero that was relatively disliked in the original Overwatch, finally get a chance to shine in the OW2 beta – and his newfound combo potential could be a good sign for the hero going forward.

The Overwatch 2 beta is still in its infancy and players can earn access to the beta by watching their favorite streamers, so be sure to try out the game for yourself and see what other new combos you can uncover.

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The first OW2 beta will conclude on May 17 and Blizzard has many more planned, so it will be fun to see what else the developers have in store, especially when new heroes and maps are unveiled in the future.

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