Overwatch 2 players claim Doomfist was “overbuffed” for Season 2

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Doomfist was one of the weaker heroes in Overwatch 2 upon being reworked into a Tank hero, and now players have claimed that his Season 2 buffs have thrown him into the opposite side of balance as a backline diving terror.

The transition to Overwatch 2 wasn’t kind to Doomfist. From a bug that hampered his already low damage to other tank options getting heavily buffed, a character who was formerly one of Overwatch’s best backline divers didn’t have the same power he used to.

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So, for Overwatch Season 2, it was announced that Doomfist would be getting some buffs to help him be more effective at diving the backline and wreaking havoc in fights.

Even with OW2’s newest Tank hero, Ramattra, releasing alongside these buffs, Doomfist has stolen the show in the eyes of many players.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 patch “overbuffs” Doomfist

The full list of Doomfist changes is fairly long (and you can read up on those changes here), but there are a few key parts of his series of buffs that have put him in a much higher tier than before.

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Rocket Punch, the bread-and-butter ability for this hero, is now easier to empower than ever with buffs to his E and his ultimate. And, even if his punch isn’t fully empowered, it will briefly stun the opponent upon a wall hit. Channel abilities like Moira’s Coalescence are now heavily countered by Rocket Punch.

With Doomfist’s empowered punch throwing immobile heroes around now more than ever, he’s been the bane of backliners’ existence in this new patch.

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In a thread that’s gained some traction on the Overwatch subreddit, an inquiry about how players feel a short time after the Doomfist changes went live has revealed that players think this hero is a bit overtuned.

Overwatch 2 players are claiming that he’s been “overbuffed” through the entire thread. Especially when it comes to killing support heroes.

With the most upvoted comment being “Please don’t punch me. I am just a Zenyatta.”, it’s clear which hero class has been affected most by the changes. There are some support players feeling doomed in season 2.

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One redditor said “As a support player I am thinking about quitting playing for this season.” While many DPS and Tank picks have mobility options, immobile supports like Ana and Zenyatta have a very hard time against a diver like Doomfist.

Support is already an ailing role for Overwatch 2, with future plans pointing toward a focus on releasing more support heroes. Whether or not Doomfist’s buffs will get pared back remains to be seen.

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