Overwatch players discover major Doomfist damage bug making him even worse in OW2

doomfist is bugged in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have uncovered a massive bug with Doomfist’s Seismic Slam that makes him even worse than previously thought in the game.

Season 1 of OW2 is almost finished and players will have some long-awaited Doomfist buffs to look forward to once Season 2 begins, but until then, tank players should seriously consider not picking the Talon leader.

From his ability to survive to his threat on the battlefield, Doomfist’s transition to a tank in Overwatch 2 has been under a lot of scrutiny – and it turns out that a bug has been seriously handicapping him.

Doomfist main and Twitch streamer ‘GetQuakedOn’ has been running some tests for the hero and made a brutal discovery about his beloved tank.

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Doomfist Seismic Slam is seriously bugged in Overwatch 2

While running experiments, GetQuakedOn was able to determine that Seismic Slam wasn’t dealing any damage at certain angles.

In this video uploaded to Twitter, Doomfist slams a low HP Moira, but fails to deal any damage to the support.

Another video showed a group of enemies lined up together with damage to one hero straight ahead receiving consistent “no regs” while others actually lost some health.

The streamer shared an image showing that the damage from the slam seems to be bugged from the front and won’t register. Needless to say, the Doom main wasn’t happy.

“The amount of fights that I lose and games that I lose because of Doom’s bugs is an exceptional amount,” he explained. “It happens MULTIPLE times in a single game and it feels bullsh*t. Doom has never been a consistent hero and that’s one of his biggest weakness.”

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doomfist seismic slam issueTwitter/GetQuakedOn
Doomfist’s slam has some serious issues.

With buffs coming to the tank when Season 2 begins on December 6, players won’t have long to wait for some improvements, but if these bugs with the slam aren’t fixed, the hero could remain an F-tier pick for the foreseeable future.