Overwatch 2 players blown away by new weather effects on Blizzard World

Overwatch 2 weatherOverwatch Grandma and Blizzard

The Overwatch 2 developers just teased new weather effects for the game, specifically for the Blizzard World map, and players are absolutely blown away.

Overwatch 2’s recent update introduced brand new weather effects in Blizzard World. And though this doesn’t directly affect the gameplay, players are delighted by the improvement in visuals and general care to aesthetics.

The weather, which would typically mark a bad day for an amusement part visit, creates a wonderful scenic setting.

Rain drizzles in, creating a damp and almost gloomy appearance. Accompanying the rainfall is the sound of the wind gushing by, which overtakes the mechanical whirring of the roller coaster rides.

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A quick glimpse at the ground reveals reflective water puddles, scattered inconsistently throughout the map.

Overwatch Blizzard World mapBlizzard
Blizzard World now has dynamic weather that can change with the seasons, and Overwatch 2 players love it.

One Twitter user questioned how the feature works: “Are these dynamic weathers that will randomly effect maps on load? Or is this just a seasonal change that makes it to where the map will always be rainy during Season 2?”

The answer is it’ll change seasonally. There are reportedly numerous different renditions, and as the weather changes in North America, so will the ambiance at the Blizzard-themed amusement park.

Another Overwatch 2 player shared footage on YouTube, showcasing the weather changes.

“I love how the change in weather adds a whole new atmosphere, also reminds me of any holiday I’ve had in the UK,” one user commented on the YouTube video.

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“Yo I’m loving this! It already feels different! Hope they keep pushing this idea and giving us snow storms, sandstorms, and other weather effects on maps,” exclaimed another user.

In both footages, Blizzard World seems vacant of any visitors, which ties perfectly with the gloomy weather. The absence of guests makes for an excellent setting to wage intense battle.