Overwatch 2 player sends Sigma into the abyss with “perfect” Gravitic Flux counter

Cassidy Stephenson
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An Overwatch 2 player used Ana to counter Sigma’s Gravitic Flux ultimate by sleeping him into the well in the Ilios map in what fans are calling a “perfect” play.

As a mid to long-range sniper, Ana can heal teammates and damage enemies with her Biotic Rifle. The Support Hero can also throw Biotic Grenades that restore her allies’ health and prevent opponents from healing.

However, her Sleep Dart ability has proven quite useful in matches.

In this instance, Ana shot a Sleep Dart at Sigma while he began to use his Gravitic Flux ability. The quick decision turned out to be the perfect counter to the Tank’s attack.

Overwatch 2 player perfectly counters Sigma’s ultimate with Ana

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On the Overwatch subreddit, Reddit user NikolaiDiavolo posted a clip of sharpshooter Ana taking out a Sigma. Set to Mark Ronson’s “Don’t Leave Me Lonely,” the 30-second video showed Ana shooting a Sleep Dart at Sigma using his Gravitic Flux ultimate.

Considering most Heroes take advantage of the well in Ilios, the Ana player used Sigma’s location to their advantage. The Sleep Dart cancels Sigma’s ultimate – sending him to his death in the depths of the abyss.

“Those are my favorite moments playing as Ana,” SingularityPrime wrote. “Just pocketing an unkillable player with some antiheals to help him plow through some enemies. It usually doesn’t take long before they realize they need to focus down the Ana though.”

“I like that Hanzo felt the need to announce that he needs healing, as if OP wasn’t aware and already single-handedly keeping him from taking a dirt nap,” Hugs_for_Thugs remarked.

“You have great aim. That Hanzo was dancing with death the whole time,” C0881y added.

Apart from putting enemies to sleep, Ana can be an efficient healer. To watch how Ana and Mercy kept each other alive infinitely, check out our article regarding the “support shuffle” play.

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