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Overwatch player’s insane support stats show off Ana’s healing potential

Published: 18/Jan/2022 10:35

by Lauren Bergin


Playing a support hero in Overwatch can be a pretty arduous task, but one player has stunned the community with their incredible healing stats.

If there’s one thing that haunts support players, it’s the ‘I need healing’ voice line – especially if it comes from a rather irate Genji.

One of the hardest characters to wrack up easy healing points on is Egypt’s finest sniper, Ana, who relies on good aim and excellent timing in order to keep her teammates healthy.

That’s why this Reddit post showing off one player’s healing stats has stunned the community, as we’ve never seen anything quite like it.


overwatch ana being watched by reaper on temple of anubis
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch’s Ana combines sniper-style play with healing, making her one of the game’s most unique heroes.

Overwatch player’s Ana healing stats are wild

Asking “is this the most healing ever in a comp game?” one support main has showed off their insane stats after a 42 minute long competitive match on Mexico’s quaint little hamlet, Dorado.

In the post-game lobby, Ana is highlighted with an insane 89,437 healing points, receiving nine out of 10 commendations for her trouble. While they lost the game, even the enemy team couldn’t help but honor this mind-boggling achievement.

The allied Roadhog even writes in the chat that “I don’t think anyone’s done 89k healing” – especially on Ana.

Is this the Most Healing Ever in a Comp Game? u/ drewdrewhey

While a whole collection of fans are begging the player to “post the replay code” as they “would very much like to watch this game,” others are simply stunned.


“That’s the most healing I’ve seen ANYWHERE,” writes one, with another highlighting “this was in a comp match which is just nuts.”

“Where he healed 51% of the damage his team took, he averaged about 2.1k healing per minute for 42 minutes. It’s impressive however way you wanna slice it,” states a final comment. ” One could argue that part of why it was a 42 minute comp match is because he kept his team alive well enough for them to keep the match going.”

So while this player’s in-game name is “Losingstreak,” this is absolutely a win. After all, who wouldn’t be proud of an achievement like this?!