Overwatch 2 player fools entire enemy team by hiding in plain sight

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A full team were left embarrassed by an Overwatch 2 player who infiltrated their objective area and managed to somehow hide in plain sight.

Whether it’s Overwatch 2 or the original game, players have come up with some genius plays over the years. Recently, we’ve seen clever Mei tactics stalling an entire game, as well as nifty hitbox tricks making 1v1s more winnable.

Moreover, we’ve been treated to recent examples of players inexplicably hiding in plain sight. A notable example was the presence of an Ana user that actually informed many of the game’s community about a useful visual hint to see players more easily.

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Now, another team has been left completely bamboozled by a sneaky Overwatch 2 player.

Overwatch 2 player trolls a whole team with Wrecking Ball

In a play ripped straight out of the Drax the Destroyer playbook, Reddit user Immortalbob declared: “If I don’t move, they can’t see me…”

Evidently, this turned out to be the case. In a stroke of brilliance – or ill-found bravery – the Wrecking Ball player lay in wait waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on the opposition’s payload. They somehow rolled right next to it, in view of the enemy players, and then had the nerve to move even closer.

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Presumably, the enemy team was concentrating on the player’s teammates. This allowed the Wrecking Ball to get a solid 20 seconds preventing the payload from moving. This is incredible as the game even issues prompts and audio cues saying that the objective is being contested.

The audacious play was eventually brought to an end when someone ran straight into them, and they cottoned on to what was happening. “They thought you were an ornament for the payload,” claimed the top comment and another player said: “Are these paid actors or something?”

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It does seem quite extraordinary that the Wrecking Ball player got away with it for so long. Once again though, the clip managed to make the PvE discussion rear its head once more. “Blizzard scraps PvE to add in payload weapon charms and souvenirs,” added another user.

While this story was humorous, the PvE controversy continues to rage on. The ire of the community was drawn by a new cardboard box Reinhardt skin that left players questioning Blizzard’s priorities.

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