Overwatch 2 players desperate for Blizzard to add Valorant feature to competitive

Andrew Highton
bronze 5 rank picture in overwatch 2 competitive mode

After becoming jaded by the current system, Overwatch 2 competitive players feel that Blizzard needs to overhaul the ranking system. Currently, Bronze 5 is the bottom rank and fans of the game are eager for a well-liked Valorant feature to be included.

Competitive Mode is the pinnacle of Overwatch 2 competition as players seek to climb the online ranks each season and reach the highest division possible. Naturally, the ability of players starts to escalate rather quickly the higher up you get, however, some players never get that far.

Below the towering heights of Grandmaster, Diamond, and Gold, you have Bronze 5 propping up everything. There’s nothing wrong with that, but players feel that the system in place doesn’t reward higher-tier Bronze players and can discourage lesser-skilled players. Not only that, but OW2 fans think that Valorant one-ups the online title in this area and needs to borrow from it.

Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 needs to borrow Valorant feature

Bronze 5 comfortably represents the biggest pool of players for an OW2 competitive rank. What happens is that many players end up remaining in the tier, and players will only really see their rank percentage change as they ascend and descend in the division.

Big-Pension-7438 said: “Valorant has Iron before Bronze and since Bronze 5 is the largest SR, why don’t they replace the whole of Bronze 5 with a new Metal rank like Iron or Dirt or Wood? It would help Bronze 5 players see if they are climbing or not. So instead of “you are higher than 66% of this rank” it would be Iron 3 to Iron 2 at above 55%”

“Clearly, they’re just being held back by sh*tty mm (matchmaking). They should really be at least Gold 3,” said one player, and another user explained: “Adding an Iron rank would effectively do the same thing, but anyone losing rank because of it would feel like they got moved back and top players wouldn’t get that sense of progression. Either way, not adding a new rank was and is dumb af on Blizzard’s behalf.”

A lot of comments leaned into the more satirical side with many humorous suggestions for a new tier such as “Garlic Powder 5” and “Wet Cardboard 5.”

Outside of the Overwatch 2 competitive discussion, players have also been keen for Blizzard to add a new fanmade Roadhog “God Father” bundle, and have also been left decidedly mixed on the new free $20 Mei skin.