Overwatch 2 logo “leaked” – but is it real?

Bill Cooney

Fans are abuzz with rumors and speculation about a possible sequel or expansion to Overwatch and now, a week before BlizzCon 2019, we could have our first solid leak on the upcoming announcement.

“Overwatch 2” has been the elephant in the spawn room for Overwatch fans over the last year and there have been plenty of hints and “leaks” about what it will be, but nothing about what it could look like, until now.

Twitch streamer Metro (who correctly leaked Ashe before BlizzCon 2018) made several predictions about the upcoming announcement, including what would be shown during Overwatch’s allotted time at BlizzCon 2019.

What’s the latest Overwatch 2 “leak”?

On Saturday, October 26, a Twitter user by the name of WeakAuras posted an image they claimed was an official leak of the Overwatch 2 logo.

The image features Tracer next to the classic Overwatch branding, but with a “2” added in orange and white right next to the logo.

Other than the logo and Tracer, there’s not much to go on from the leak as far as what Overwatch 2 will actually be like gameplay-wise.

We might not even get to see any gameplay, or anything more than a logo for Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon this year, which just makes this leak even more potentially massive.

It is important to note though that this is still just a leak so there’s no way to tell if the logo is legit or just a very well-done photoshop job.

WeakAuras told Dexerto they didn’t have any more Overwatch 2 leaks besides the Tracer image and would only reveal that it was sent to them by a friend.

Dexerto has reached out to Blizzard as well about the leak, and will update when we hear back.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch 2 will supposedly be PvE focused, according to leaks.

What do we know about Overwatch 2 so far?

Talk about a possible Overwatch expansion or sequel started flying after a report from Kotaku in June 2019 that Blizzard had moved staff from working on an FPS StarCraft game to other projects, including “Overwatch 2”.

Since then more leaks and hints have slowly dripped out, but the weeks before what could be the biggest BlizzCon ever for Overwatch have been a full-on shower.

We probably won’t know for sure though if any of the leaks and predictions about Overwatch 2 turn out to be legit until BlizzCon gets going on November 1.