Overwatch streamer suggests potential skins change will make fans upset

Overwatch streamer and leaker Metro claims a possible change to skins could prove to be very controversial – if Blizzard decides to go through with it, that is.

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Numerous rumors are pointing towards an announcement of Overwatch 2 coming at Blizzcon 2019. These are still unfounded so take them with a grain of salt, but we do believe a sequel has to be on the way eventually.

Overwatch released back in 2016 and it’s still trekking along, but some players are ready for the next installment.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch 2 leaks reveal major changes could be coming to skins.
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Metro, who has been connected to a few leaks in the past, said that Overwatch 2 could be on the cusp of introducing a change to skins that will prove to be very controversial and leave some fans unhappy.

“I think it, it’s neither bad nor good, I think it’s more on the bad side and it’s gonna make people upset and it has to do with skins,” he said.

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He does say he doesn’t want to leak it just in case Blizzard switches it up in time for the official release.

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“I’m not going to leak it even if I was 100% certain about the info, Blizzard could still change their mind, right?” he said. “It’s still two weeks.”

The two weeks refer to BlizzCon 2019, where we should be seeing a bunch of Blizzard announcements. For right now, what he means by these changes remains anyone’s guess.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch 2 remains a leak for now.
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On October 17, Metro revealed Overwatch 2 would be announced at BlizzCon and said a short cinematic will be shown off.

He also said there will be leveling changes that change the abilities of heroes but didn’t really dive in much deeper than that.

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However, based on these leaks, it seems like Blizzard will be mixing up a lot of what we know so far about Overwatch.

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While these are still leaks for now, it won’t be much longer until we find out if there’s any weight behind them.

Blizzcon 2019 will kick off on November 1 and run until November 3. If you’re a Blizzard fan, you’ll want to tune in and see all of the announcements.