Overwatch 2 devs lock in Sojourn, Roadhog, Doomfist changes coming soon

OW2 RoadhogBlizzard Entertainment

Undeniably Overwatch 2’s most troublesome heroes in Season 2 are finally in store for some balance updates in the coming days as game director Aaron Keller has teased a new patch arriving “later this week.”

Since Overwatch 2’s second live-service season came into effect, a handful of characters have dominated the meta. Whether it’s casual games in quick play or high-ranked matches on the competitive ladder, you’ve more than likely run into your fair share of problems with a few of them.

From Roadhog’s devastating power in the Tank role, to Sojourn’s oppressive damage output in the DPS role, a number of heroes have essentially been running rampant at all levels of play in recent weeks.

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Mercifully, their reign is finally set to conclude in the very near future, devs have teased.

With an alleged hotfix system bug now resolved, the development team is free to make “quick hero balance changes” at a more rapid pace than usual. To kick things off with a bang, Sojourn, Doomfist, Ramattra, Roadhog, and Tracer are all locked in for various changes as soon as this week.

Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller confirmed as much in a December 12 tweet, addressing the game’s most controversial figures of late. In the Damage role, this means players can expect more highly requested nerfs to Sojourn, along with possible tweaks to Tracer’s kit.

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Meanwhile, on the Tank side of things, Doomfist will likely be scaled back a bit following recent buffs, while Ramattra may be hit with potential buffs to boost his spot in the rankings. As for now, it appears the Support category is being left untouched in the next Overwatch 2 update.

Overwatch 2 SojournBlizzard Entertainment
Sojourn has been one of the most formidable Damage heroes since her arrival in Overwatch 2.

Exactly what these changes will look like and the exact date of their arrival, all remains to be seen. However, given Keller’s comments, it should just be a matter of days before we find out for ourselves.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted with all the latest Overwatch 2 developments right here.

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