Overwatch 2 players desperate for even more Sojourn nerfs

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Following community outcry dating back to Overwatch 2’s launch, Sojourn finally received a few nerfs in the Season 2 patch. However, many in the community claim that they weren’t enough.

Sojourn has been a point of contention for the Overwatch 2 community since the game launched, and it’s taken a while for her to receive balance adjustments.

The reason given for why she wasn’t nerfed originally was that, while Sojourn was dominating at high MMR, her performance at lower levels of play wasn’t holding up.

That decision making holds true with her set of nerfs in the Season 2 patch. While they tone down the one-shot potential of her railgun, they also buffed Sojourn in other areas. Overwatch 2 players are desperate for more nerfs to Overwatch 2’s newest DPS character.

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Overwatch 2 players clamor for more Sojourn nerfs

Sojourn, in some ways, was nerfed coming into Season 2. Her railgun can no longer one-shot headshot 200 HP targets (outside of certain circumstances), and its damage falloff range was nearly halved.

However, her primary fire was also buffed a bit, and her railgun’s cooldown was reduced in ultimate. She’s still an absolute menace in the hands of the right player.

So, a discussion has been brewing in the Overwatch 2 subreddit. It isn’t asking for a change, but implying that there has to be a change. This sparked a discussion based around what can change without making the character irrelevant.

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The most pointed-out alternation makes it so Sojourn can’t charge her railgun from hitting shields with her primary fire. This makes it so those playing the character are rewarded only for hitting actual targets, rather than damaging a shield.

Another strong aspect of Sojourn pointed out in the thread is the high damage of her E, the AoE damage field. It slows enemies and does 51 damage per second over four seconds.

It’s hard to say when or if Sojourn will receive additional nerfs, but the Overwatch 2 community clearly wants more action taken to keep her from dominating games.

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