Overwatch 2 devs are changing “problematic” maps and fans are elated

Liam Ho
ow2 gibraltar changes

Overwatch 2 devs have announced they’ll be doing regular updates to various maps in the game, elating fans with the potential for some more “problematic” layouts to be fixed in the future.

Overwatch 2 has plenty of content on offer to its players. With a multitude of game modes such as escort, push, and control, and tons of heroes to pick out and try, the game can hook you for hours on end. Add alongside the many custom game modes and Blizzard’s own events there’s always a reason to come back to Blizzard’s hero shooter.

As each game mode requires certain objectives, there are numerous maps spread across Overwatch 2. Each map in Overwatch 2 comes with its very own theme, location, and playstyle to differentiate each from the other. Some will see heroes fighting in the middle of New York whereas others may see them dropped deep into the ocean.

However, many older maps in Overwatch 2 haven’t seen large changes to them since their initial release back in Overwatch 1. This has made some of them rather problematic, as they haven’t been changed to meet Overwatch 2’s different playstyle. However, Blizzard is looking to fix that, with a recent map rework of Watchpoint Gibraltar in Season 5 just the start of what’s the come.

Blizzard has made several adjustments to Watchpoint Gibraltar to kick things off, including new spawn point exits, staircases, and cover spots. These changes have resulted in fewer choke points throughout the map, and also allow for defenders to exit spawn in a safer manner hopefully.

Overwatch 2 community applauds Blizzard for reworking Gibraltar

The community has applauded Blizzard for reworking Gibraltar and is even more pleased that there are plans to rework more maps in the future.

“This was easily the most significant change from yesterday’s patch- incredible news from both a competitive integrity standpoint, and from a casual enjoyment! This has huge potential ramifications for a ton of other problematic maps,” one from Spilo post reads.

With more maps in the plans for reworks, only time will tell what map Blizzard picks next. Regardless, the community is more than happy to see Blizzard hard at work.

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