Roadhog’s one shot combo still works in Overwatch 2 despite latest nerfs

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Overwatch 2’s most recent patch unleashed a slew of nerfs against Roadhog, particularly in his one-shot combo. However, players have found that the nerfs weren’t quite enough to fully disable the lethal combo.

Roadhog has been one of the most notorious heroes in Overwatch 2, his devastating hook and primary fire combo allowing for him to one-hit heroes of up to 250 health. This has been particularly egregious in Overwatch 2, where there’s one less tank to cover their squishier teammates.

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However, Blizzard has dealt a blow to his capacity to one-shot heroes in the recent patch, delivering several nerfs to his hook and primary fire in the most recent retail update. With the severity of the nerfs and comments from Blizzard, players were sure that Roadhog wouldn’t be able to one shot from that point on.

Unfortunately, players have quickly found that whilst the changes did make the combo a bit more difficult, it’s still available within the game, meaning that all low-health heroes aren’t safe from Hog’s terror just yet.

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As shown in the video, Roadhog is still able to one-shot Reaper, a 250-health hero as well as Ana and Kiriko, who are both heroes with smaller hitboxes.

Roadhog’s hook now deals less damage going from 30 to 5 and also pulls enemies slightly further away from him, meaning he needs to walk forward so his shotgun spread hits all of the hero’s hitbox. Pair this with the nerfs to his shotgun’s damage and his combo is nowhere near as potent.

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Despite the combo still being available, heroes with movement capabilities like Sombra are able to get away, meaning that the combo is a lot less reliable. Alongside this, the further distance hook means that characters like Ana can have time to peel themselves back from the Hog making her a strong counter to the hero as shown in Flat’s OW video.

It appears that whilst the Roadhog one-shot combo still exists in Overwatch 2, it’s nowhere near as potent as it was before and requires far more effort from the Hog to pull off. For the moment it seems like a decent temporary fix before the hero receives a larger rework sometime in the future.

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