Overwatch 2 dev reveals promised Mei buffs are “almost done”

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Overwatch 2’s Alec Dawson confirmed that changes to Mei’s primary fire are “almost done,” which will change the way her ice slows down opponents.

As longtime fans are aware, Overwatch 2 made quite a few changes to the large roster of Heroes present in the first game.

One of the Heroes who was changed fairly significantly was Mei, who notably had her freezing mechanic changed on her primary fire. This change has been somewhat divisive among the community, with Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson eventually teasing that Mei’s primary fire may see more tweaks in the near future.

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Now, Dawson has provided yet another tease to Overwatch 2 fans and confirmed that Mei’s changes are “almost done” and provided some hints at what they will look like when released.

Overwatch 2 dev teases Mei primary fire buffs

The tease came from through Overwatch 2 Twitch streamer KarQ’s stream, where he and Eva Langwin spoke to Dawson about upcoming changes to the game.

Here, Dawson gave viewers a slight tease about when to expect Mei’s changes. “A smaller thing — I wouldn’t call it a rework — but a shift for Mei’s primary fire, that’s almost done now.”

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Dawson continued on and explained how Mei’s changes might come into effect. “We’re taking a look at how [the development team is] going to be adding that little minigame that she had previously. You’re not going to freeze another hero entirely, but you build up to a bigger moment of that slow.”

The removal of Mei’s freeze coming into Overwatch 2 was divisive amongst both Mei mains and general Overwatch players due to how core a part of her kit it was. It seems Dawson and the dev team are keen to bring some of Mei’s original playstyle without reverting her changes entirely.

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The Hero Designer closed his tease out by saying that Mei’s changes have been “working out pretty well,” and will be implemented “not too far from now.” While fans still don’t have a definitive date to expect these changes, it seems they’re coming sooner rather than later.

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