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Overwatch 2 dev confirms Hanzo & Echo damage nerfs coming with 5v5 switch

Published: 14/Oct/2021 15:21

by Lawrence Scotti


The Overwatch 2 hero design and balance team hosted a Reddit AMA where they gave an update on how they will change damage dealers like Hanzo & Echo when switching to the new 5v5 format.

Overwatch 2’s development team hosted an “Ask Me Anything” on the subreddit r/CompetitiveOverwatch to chat about the recent playtest videos that were released on YouTube.

During the AMA, hero developer Josh gave some insight into how the Overwatch team is planning on handling characters like Echo and Hanzo.

Overwatch Summer Games Nihon Hanzo
Blizzard Entertainment
Hanzo’s Storm Arrows may be altered going into Overwatch 2.

Hanzo & Echo changes in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is switching to a 5v5 format, and with that, some major changes are being made to make up for the fact that each team will now only have one tank.


OW2 hero designer Josh was asked during the AMA, “What is your philosophy on how ‘tank-buster’ heroes (such as Reaper, Echo, Hanzo, and more) should be approached in OW2?”, and he provided a thoughtful answer on how damage dealers will be impacted.

“I think it’s important to have a concept of these high damage output heroes, which each have their own limitations and tradeoffs, though not necessarily to fulfill the role of specifically taking out tanks and barriers,” the dev explained. “This is especially true with the format change to one tank per team in 5v5, because it can give players more options to respond to a variety of challenges they may be trying to overcome in game (more depth of team comps can lead to deeper gameplay).”


He wrapped up his answer and said, “We have taken some tuning steps to make abilities like Storm Arrows and Echo’s beam less lethal against tanks but still keep them powerful in other situations.”

From these comments, it looks like there will be some major alterations to Hanzo and Echo’s damage output.

Fans are still extremely curious how Overwatch 2 will successfully transition into a 5v5 format, and this is one of the first big insights we have into how the game will be balanced.