Overwatch 2 confirms XIM detection and more console improvements

Michael Gwilliam
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Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss has confirmed an assortment of console features are in development including XIM detection.

The Overwatch 2 console experience has been a rocky one since the OW1 days. As the game was primarily built for PC players, this resulted in some clunky design choices for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch players.

In addition to some patches outright breaking the game on certain consoles, Overwatch players have also had to deal with cheaters using mouse and keyboard XIM adapters.

Despite these issues, Overwatch 2 still has a thriving console playerbase and the devs have plans to improve the experience with some upgrades and detecting XIM users.

Massive Overwatch 2 console improvements are on the way

Speaking with Twitch streamer SVB on the Group Up podcast, Jared Neuss admitted that the team hasn’t done enough for console players, but features are coming and actively being worked on.

After reiterating that XIM detection is coming, Neuss explained that it’s “tricky,” and wouldn’t reveal more at the risk of helping those who develop cheats prepare for the new feature.

“We know where the problems are. I think there are two big categories. One is are people using devices like XIM, and how do we prevent that, and how do we make the game a great experience on console?” he said.

Neuss referenced the PS5 bug that caused major issues, admitting that it should have been caught before release and how the team needs to do a better job preventing those bugs from going live.

Additionally, he noted how “usability” on console still needs to be improved, with players needing to click an assortment of buttons just to get to a certain menu. The dev also expressed how playing games with friends on console is more difficult than it should be.

“The team already has a bunch of ideas for this that they are working on or will be working on in the future so those players understand that we care about them as much as we really do,” he said.

Although we don’t have a timeline for these console upgrades, 2024 is already looking like it will be a promising year for Overwatch 2. Season 9 will introduce a long-awaited ranked revamp with Competitive 3.0 with more heroes and a new game mode ‘Clash’ set to release, as well.

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