Overwatch 2 collabs with Microsoft for limited time currency exchange

Overwatch League rewardsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is teaming up with Microsoft to provide players a new way of earning Overwatch Coins through a limited-time currency exchange with Microsoft Points.

Players have criticized Blizzard for their extremely limited options available to earn Overwatch Coins, which were previously only obtainable through microtransactions and weekly missions, prompting them to even miss the old loot box system in the original game.

But on December 9, Overwatch 2 announced a limited time collaboration with Microsoft Rewards to offer players a chance to earn free Overwatch Coins, which used to only be purchasable with microtransactions.

Microsoft Points to Overwatch 2 Coins exchange rate

For those unaware, Microsoft Rewards is a reward system that provides players a currency known as Microsoft Points.

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These are earnable in a myriad of ways: playing and completing quests on the Xbox Game Pass, buying games, and even monthly surveys.

As of now, the link provided by Blizzard appears to be broken. But the rumored exchange rate for Microsoft Points to Overwatch Coins is as follows.

  • 200 Overwatch Coins: 1,800 Microsoft Points
  • 500 Overwatch Coins: 5,000 Microsoft Points
  • 1,000 Overwatch Coins: 10,000 Microsoft Points

When purchased from within Overwatch 2, Overwatch Coins costs $4.99 for 500, $9.99 for 1000, $19.99 for 2,200, $49.99 for 5700, and $99.99 for 11,600. And since the Battle Pass costs 1,000 coins, players can essentially earn a premium Battle Pass by exchanging 10,000 Microsoft Points.

Once the link shared on the official Overwatch Twitter account is fixed, this article will also be updated with the information presented.

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