Overwatch 2 players want coin currency added to Battle Pass amid “overpriced” skins

ow2 skin sojourn commanderBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are not happy with how few coins they are earning to purchase the game’s more lucrative skins and want Blizzard to add the currency as a Battle Pass reward.

Like many games, Overwatch 2 made the decision to implement a Battle Pass in place of the original game’s antiquated Loot Box model to make the series more profitable and thereby add more content.

While there are plenty of fun unlockables in the Battle Pass with new heroes and skins being the big inclusions, not every cosmetic is available and some require coins to purchase.

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With the only way to earn coins limited to Challenges and actual money, players are getting fed up and want more ways to acquire the currency.

Overwatch 2 skinsBlizzard
Should Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass include coins?

Overwatch 2 players want coins in future Battle Passes

In a series of posts across the internet, Overwatch 2 fans have been coming together to call for changes to how coins are earned with the Battle Pass being a frequent suggestion.

In a post on Reddit, user ‘HardVegetable’ created a mock-up of the Battle Pass with legacy credits included as an unlockable.

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Players liked the idea, saying they preferred the concept of earning legacy credits over unlocking “souvenirs” – a new cosmetic item in OW2.

In other threads, players suggested having weekly challenges be worth more coins or cutting the price of skins in half.

“Blizzard making no money from Loot Boxes is bad, but Blizzard also over-pricing everything and giving no way to earn a decent amount of currency for free is also bad, right?” one player remarked.

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It’s unclear yet if Blizzard has anything planned to change its Battle Pass structure for Season 2, but seeing as the company changed its SMS requirement after backlash, it’s clear they’re open to reevaluating their decisions.