Overwatch 2 cheat provider hacked by rival company, reveals $125K profit

Michael Gwilliam
Overwatch 2 cheat provider hacked

An Overwatch cheat provider has been hacked by a competitor following the release of the OW2 beta, revealing that they’ve made over $10,000 this month alone.

The Overwatch 2 beta isn’t even a week old yet and we’ve already seen hackers take over the game and ruin non-competitive quick play matches in the process. Pretty sad!

From aimbots to wallhacks, cheats can be a major issue for players and developers alike, but it seems like those facilitating that abuse got a taste of their own medicine when a provider had its emails, keys and profits leaked.

A post by hack watchdog group AntiCheatPD revealed details behind the breach and that the culprits were another cheat provider.

Overwatch 2 hacker hacked
An Overwatch cheat seller was hacked by a rival.

Overwatch 2 cheat seller hacked

“A well-known Overwatch cheat provider that has been attacking and ruining Overwatch since early 2018, was hit by another cheat provider today leaking emails, keys, and revenue stream,” AntiCheatPD revealed on Twitter.

In a message placed on the provider’s site, the rival company revealed that their admin password was “fannyissupercute” – something the hackers claimed was “easy as f**k to guess.”

A dashboard also revealed the hack provider had 11,272 records, earning them $10k in April and $125k overall.

Despite the hack seemingly taking a provider down, AntiCheatPD doesn’t think this is a victory for players at all.

“There are other cheat providers out there doing much worse than this one and earning more. Look at those numbers and imagine how many of those are infiltrated in your ranked games playing legit as possible daily ruining competitive integrity,” they said.

While hackers are a problem right now, even in Overwatch 2’s infancy, it seems like Blizzard is aware and is taking steps to up its defenses. Job postings on the company’s site have indicated a desire to implement increased cheat detection and potentially even an anti-cheat once the full game eventually launches.