Overwatch 2 players not happy with Cassidy’s grenade

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Overwatch 2 have expressed their disdain for Cassidy’s all-new magnetic grenade, which many believe is too overpowered.

The poncho-wearing gunslinger originally came equipped with a flashbang grenade in the first Overwatch entry. For the transition to Overwatch 2, the crew at Blizzard replaced the flashbang with a magnetic grenade.

Notably, the new weapon functions as a short-range grenade that can deal upwards of 131 damage if it sticks to an enemy.

Even before Overwatch 2’s full release, longtime players were skeptical of the newest addition to the Cassidy arsenal. Those feelings haven’t changed with time, either.

Overwatch 2 fans aren’t liking Cassidy’s new grenade

Reddit user Stanthetulip recently started a thread about the Overwatch community’s strong disdain for the magnetic grenade. “It’s not fun to play with nor play against,” the user wrote. Hardly anyone in the thread seems to disagree with this sentiment.

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A few people pointed out that the damage output on Cassidy’s grenade is too OP. “100+ dmg is too much for 1 ability,” one Redditor said. Another player agreed, “131 damage for a heat-seeking grenade is insane.”

Others simply find the grenade “boring” or “weird” to play with, particularly due to the close-range requirements for it to stick as intended.

A range of other comments in the thread suggests many would be happy to see Cassidy’s flashbang return in place of the magnetic grenade.

Whether or not Blizzard would consider such a move presently remains unknown. But Overwatch 2’s status as a live game with several years ahead of it means almost anything is possible.

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In fact, the imminent Season 2 rollout will include a slew of balance adjustments and changes to the rewards system.