Overwatch 2 players compile list of OW1 features that “made no sense” to remove

Cassidy Stephenson
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Overwatch 2 players name several features that Blizzard may have removed from the game for arguably no reason.

Following Blizzard’s removal of the PvE Hero Mode, many users called out the company for going back on their initial promise. Blizzard has since posted an explanation as to why it “scaled back” the ambitious PvE feature.

Additionally, Overwatch 2 devs have teased future content for the game’s fifth season. The announcement comes after players accused Blizzard of going silent for the past few weeks.

In addition to the PvE Hero Mode and talent trees, Overwatch 2 players recall other features Blizzard eliminated. However, some blasted the company for removing certain aspects during the transition from Overwatch 1 to its sequel.

Overwatch 2 players name features that Blizzard removed

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Reddit user blackdott44 started compiling a list of features Blizzard ousted on the Overwatch 2 subreddit. The OP mentioned aspects like borders, normal level progression, and voting. blackdott44 also discussed how toxicity remained the same after Blizzard removed the ability to see other players’ rankings.

“LFG? Not a lot of people used it, but it was a really nice feature to meet people to play with,” RoundMixture wrote.

The Looking for Group system allowed players to permit another user to group up before queueing for a match, a feature that Overwatch 2 devs eliminated for its “social and disruptive behavior problems.”

“LFG was the only good way to try and climb out of lower ranks, it encouraged communication and sometimes proper comps, I made a lot of friends in OW1 because of LFG and I miss it,” Aizenev1 remarked.

“Apparently they’re re-adding ‘On Fire’ in an upcoming season,” DustIIOnly claimed. “As for medals, they were replaced by a proper scoreboard (which I’d argue is an improvement). As for everything else’s just an L.”

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