Overwatch 2 devs outline “challenges” with adding another MEKA hero

overlord as new ow2 heroBlizzard Entertainment/Zenofy

The Overwatch 2 developers have revealed issues they’re working on solving if they were to ever add a new MEKA hero to the game’s roster.

Lifeweaver has been revealed as Overwatch 2’s latest support hero, much to the chagrin of some fans who were hoping on seeing a member of D.Va’s MEKA Squad.

Although fans are quite impressed with Lifeweaver’s impactful and exciting kit, it’s easy to see why players were looking forward to the possibility of queuing up as a new MEKA hero given the popularity of D.Va.

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During an interview with the developers, Dexerto inquired about the chances of ever seeing another MEKA character in the future.

Overwatch devs open up on more MEKA heroes

According to Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson, every hero they add comes with their own set of challenges, but a MEKA hero is very unique.

“I think one thing we’d have to consider is: does that hero pop out of the mech too? Like, what’s the silhouette of that hero if they’re in a different role?” he pondered.

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ow2 meka heroBlizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch 2 devs seem interested in adding another MEKA hero.

Although D.Va is in the tank role, it’s possible that another MEKA hero could be DPS or support, which could pose some unique opportunities.

“Mechs are pretty big, right? MEKA in particular, so how can we make it so they don’t look like a tank next to D.Va? It would be like you have two tanks on your team,” the dev added. “So there could be a number of challenges there, but who knows.”

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While fans who want to see these characters might be disappointed, there is a glimmer of hope as it’s clear the developers are at least thinking about the MEKA characters. It seems Team 4 has had some big discussions about a new MEKA hero being added to the mix, but whether or not one is in development remains to be seen.

Regardless, fans will have plenty to get excited about once Lifeweaver goes live and Season 4 kicks off.

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