More information on Overwatch’s newest hero Ashe – Abilities, PTR release date, and more

Blizzard Entertainment

Ashe is the newest hero to come to Overwatch and the Overwatch team gave fans all the information on her kit and when she’ll be coming to the PTR at BlizzCon.

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Ashe will come into overwatch as a DPS hero, and her kit is filled with weapons that can cause some serious damage to the enemy team.

Her rifle, the Viper, can be shot from the hip or zoomed in to deal more damage, kind of like a hybrid between McCree and Widowmaker’s weapons. It has a long, one bullet at time reload time, but shots can be fired individually just after they’re loaded.

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She also has a secondary ability called Coach Gun that deals damage and knocks both Ashe and her opponent away from each other, it can also be used to give the hero a boost.

Her other secondary ability is Dynamite, and it’s exactly what the name implies –  a bundle of explosives that has a long cooldown after it’s thrown until it blows up, it can be shot by Ashe to be detonated as well. 

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Her Ultimate calls in a robot helper, B.O.B., who acts as a high damage dealing turret and sort of a 7th hero for the team. He moves forward through the battlefield upon being called in before stopping on contact with an enemy or a wall to begin firing.

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Developers gave no release date for the new hero or when she would be available on PTR, but she is available to play on the floor at BlizzCon.

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Looking at the time between Moira’s announcement at Blizzcon and when she was available to play on PTR, November 6, we can assume Ashe will probably be in game pretty soon.

Ashe has already got the Overwatch community going crazy, and players are chomping at the bit to get the chance to try the game’s newest hero out.

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