Magical Overwatch skin ideas would be perfect for Zenyatta & Genji

Bill Cooney

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]It’s no secret Overwatch players are some of the most creative fans out there, and now one fan has come out with two new magical designs that would be perfect for Zenyatta and his student Genji as the Wizard Merlin and King Arthur.

Even though more than four years after release we don’t have any kind of Zenyatta lore (animated shorts, comics, etc.), we do know that Genji went to live and train with Zen and other Omnic monks after his apparent death at the hands of his brother Hanzo thanks to in-game voice lines.

Building off of this, Reddit user and Overwatch fan MrChumpii decided to turn Zen into the Wizard Merlin and Genji into King Arthur himself, who were also teacher and student to one another.

Starting with Zen, the Omnic would actually make a picture-perfect version of the wizard in Overwatch. His orbs have been turned into crystal balls, and we’ll never say no to another skin that gives him a luxurious, flowing beard.

His Discord and Harmony orbs have been turned into ice and fire balls respectively, and as with his beard, Zenyatta can always use skins that give him more hats.

A knight skin isn’t anything new to Overwatch, both Brigitte and Rein have armor in tons of their skins, but Genji’s royal gold and chainmail look would definitely be one of the most unique cosmetics in the game.

His Dragonblade has been replaced with the legendary sword Excalibur, which would resemble the blade from his Baihu Lunar New Year skin. Instead of shurikens, the King Arthur Shimada would throw tiny little throwing knives, an idea that surprisingly hasn’t been done at all before.

Baihu is the only Genji skin (so far) that features a straight blade, much like how Excalibur would look if the King Arthur skin was real.

We haven’t seen any new skins for a while in Overwatch, since the 2020 Anniversary event in May to be precise, but there is relief on the horizon, and the Summer Games event should be starting soon.

The event usually begins sometime in middle to late July, and runs through into August. It’s generally considered to be one of the best events for skins and cosmetics in the game, and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store – even if the Merlin and King Arthur skins for Zenyatta and Genji aren’t included.

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