Insane Overwatch trick lets Echo make DVa’s Remech buff even stronger

Michael Gwilliam
Echo copies Dva on route 66

Overwatch players looking to get even more bang for their buck as Echo should look no further than choosing to Duplicate DVa, because her recent Remech buff is even deadlier in the hands of the 32nd hero.

Echo’s unique ultimate, Duplicate, allows her to transform into any enemy hero on the field and gain their ultimate at a ridiculously fast rate. As such, it’s not uncommon to see Echo players Duplicate Reinhardt and get three Earthshatters in a row.

However, for DVa, thanks to her Remech buff that deals 250 damage onto enemies, it gives Echo even more ways to dish out the pain.

Once DVa uses Self-Destruct, she enters her baby form, and can Remech as soon as her mech explodes. That said, for Echo, thanks to her increased ultimate charge rate, she can get a second mech before the first one even goes boom.

As seen in the June 6 bout between the San Francisco Shock and Atlanta Reign, Charlie ‘Nero’ Zwarg had duplicated DVa and activated the Self-Destruct.

Before the explosion could even happen, he was right in an enemy Orisa’s face landing headshots onto her, earning a Call Mech in the process.

Luckily for the Reign, the pilot DVa was eliminated before he could successfully Remech, but the premise remains the same: use Echo’s extra life mechanic to your advantage.

The same thing can be seen with Toronto Defiant player Ho-sung ‘Na1st’ Lee. He uses Self-Destruct – and while the enemies are afraid of the bomb, he’s able to earn enough ultimate charge to Remech with ease before the explosion even happens.

When Echo Duplicates an enemy, even if she is killed, she reverts back to her primary form. DVa is the only other character in the game with a similar property, as she has her standard mech form and baby DVa.

For Echo, this is even better, because she can run into an enemy as baby DVa and use Remech to score kills. Even if she’s killed, she will just revert back to her standard form and fly off, while baby DVa gets sent back to spawn. This makes Remech an even better tool in her hands.

It’s unclear if Blizzard will nerf Echo’s ultimate charge rate as DVa in a response to this very powerful trick, but for the time being, it’s something players should absolutely try to take advantage of.

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