Super explains why Echo is “the worst thing to happen” to Overwatch

super says Echo is the worst thing to happen to overwatchBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League pro and Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi used the drama involving Dream cheating at Minecraft speedruns to explain why Echo is ruining Overwatch.

Echo was added to Overwatch back in April 2020 as the 32nd hero, and the final one to be released before Overwatch 2. Since her debut, she’s been a very viable character at higher ranks, thanks to her high damage output and Duplicate ultimate.

In Duplicate, Echo can transform into any hero on the enemy team and build up ultimates extremely quickly. As a result, she can get many with just one use of Duplicate – and depending on which enemy she copied, the payoff can be insane.

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In particular, Super has a major issue with Echo copying D.Va and getting multiple Self-Destruct ultimates. Self-Destruct has the highest damage potential in the game, dealing 1000 at close range, and is one of the best zoning tools Overwatch has to offer.

While watching a replay of his team, the San Francisco Shock, taking on the Dallas Fuel, Super counted five D.Va bombs throughout a single fight and explained why it was bad for the game.

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“This is going to be a hot take. This sh*t is the worst thing to happen to Overwatch. This sh*t is f**ked up!” he exclaimed. “It is not fun. It is not skill. It is f**king bullsh*t.”

According to Super, the fact that teams can throw out D.Va bombs every which way creates an extremely unfun environment, partly because of how much luck can be involved with using the ultimates this way.

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“It’s like you’re playing to get lucky! I’m going to have to call in my friend Dream over here!” DeLisi joked.

This comment was a reference to Minecraft YouTuber Dream and how he cheated during speedruns by having increased drop rates that took a lot of RNG or luck-based elements out of his attempts.

Dream only just recently apologized for cheating after months of denying the allegations. He now claims that he didn’t realize he had an increased drop rate plugin enabled.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Echo has been extremely dominant in OWL.

“It’s terrible!” the tank specialist added. “Actually terrible!”

With Echo dominating the Overwatch League at the moment, it will be interesting to see if the devs hit the DPS hero with some nerfs in an upcoming patch. With the May 27 update making no changes to her, however, it seems like Echo’s aerial superiority will last a bit longer.