Overwatch players discover extremely broken trick with D.Va’s new Call Mech buff

Dva grins in baby formBlizzard Entertainment

D.Va’s Call Mech buff has been dominating Overwatch since it was introduced, and now, players have found a new way to get maximum value with it.

First added as an April Fools joke in a bizarre patch, the D.Va buff allowed the MEKA pilot to deal 600 damage with her Call Mech ability. Fans loved it and devs decided it warranted a place in the actual game.

As such, the buff was officially introduced shortly thereafter, but only dealing 250 damage instead of 600. Still, it’s enough to kill the majority of the cast of the game with the only heroes able to tank it being… well, tanks, and any DPS over 250 standard HP.

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The buff has been causing all sorts of chaos in ranked games and the Overwatch League, where teams have discovered the ability doesn’t exactly line up with the developer’s intended use – to keep teams from staggering Baby D.Va when she’s the last one alive.

Baby Dva aims her gun in OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Baby D.Va packs a serious punch.

This all said, the devs may be forced to “nerf this” after players discovered a new trick that lets D.Va kill opponents behind walls.

As shown by Twitch streamer Lusidow, after being brought back to life by a Mercy while defending Hanamura Point A, the D.Va made the decision to hide behind a wall at the choke.

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Right after his team lost their Reinhardt and a last resort Mei Ice Wall was broken, the enemy team began pushing in on the objective, causing Lusidow to activate Call Mech.

“I’m pretty sure I can remech through a wall there,” he said.

Sure enough, the trick worked – and despite enemies being on the over side of the wall, the D.Va mech was able to kill both a McCree and Ana.

With most abilities like this, the wall should block any damage, but for whatever reason, it just ends up shielding D.Va while letting her dish out pain to foes. It’s definitely a bit of an unfair advantage.

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Hopefully, the devs can do something about this before it ends up ruining more games throughout the competitive ladder.

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