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Insane Overwatch rooftop flank on Hollywood destroys enemy teams

Published: 16/Nov/2020 17:50

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking for a sure-fire way to catch the enemy squad off guard and earn themselves a team kill should look no further than this insane rooftop flank on Hollywood Point A.

Hollywood is one of Overwatch’s oldest maps, but players keep finding new ways to innovate. Now, with the improved elevator mechanics, certain strategies are far more practical such as some rooftop parkour with the tank Reinhardt.

One of the best things about the elevator update is how it’s no longer seemingly random. Players who stand on the lift will now automatically be going up as opposed to it being on a timer.


As such, for the elevator on Point A, players can now easily go use it even the enemy is grouping up for a big attack.

Reinhardt shatter
Blizzard Entertainment
Reinhardt has some slick moves if given the chance.

In this clip by Reddit user NjTacticsXx, the enemy team has only a minute left to secure Point A, but the Reinhardt player took to the elevator to begin his sneaky flank.

Once at the top, he actives the hero’s charge and flies over the rooftops and eventually behind the enemy team, preoccupied with trying to survive in a Zarya Graviton surge.

With the Reinhardt now in position, he’s able to use his Earthshatter ultimate and absolutely obliterate the red team as he slides down the last roof.


I finally managed to pull off this rollout from Overwatch

In an older patch, this would be an even riskier play because the elevator may not be at a good enough height to warrant going up there to begin with. But now, it can easily be justified and as you can see, paid dividends.

Of course, this flank would be possible with other heroes too such as Doomfist, Winston or D.Va, but very few would be able to have as much of an impact as an Earthshatter in the backline.

Next time you’re playing Reinhardt on Hollywood and want to hold Point A, be sure to give this a try.