Insane Overwatch replay shows how Junkrat spam can instantly kill tanks

Michael Gwilliam

Overwatch players looking to avoid random deaths at the hands of Junkrat spam should probably stay far away from ledges, and a new clip shows exactly why.

Junkrat’s grenades are extremely dangerous, dealing 130 damage for a direct hit. They also have some knockback potential, and as one player found out, this can be super deadly.

In a clip posted to Twitter by ‘BigLoadBen,’ the player showcased a series of events from an Overwatch match on Eichenwalde.

With some help from the replay viewer, the player showed how some random Junkrat grenades from all the way near the beginning of the second point found themselves behind a Roadhog near the castle.

As you can see in the clip, the Junkrat grenades bounced off some of the castle walls and made another couple hops until they found themselves behind the tank.

The Roadhog was likely fishing for an environmental kill of his own and had no idea he would end up being the victim of a random grenade that happened to traverse the entire map and result in a miracle hit.

The crazy thing is that, because of the projectile’s knockback and where the Roadhog was positioned, it ended up knocking the Hog off the map and to his death completely out of nowhere.

Junkrat stares at his grenade
Junkrat’s grenades have knockback properties.

While the Junkrat player was already at 95% to his Riptire Ultimate, had he been something like 40%, the environmental kill credit onto the Roadhog would have been even more significant – and would have likely resulted in a ton of Ultimate charge going his way.

Next time you’re in a match, you should be extremely careful about enemy projectiles. This is exactly why.