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Insane Overwatch play shows exactly why cloaked Sombra isn’t always safe

Published: 10/Jan/2020 22:52

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A hilarious Overwatch clip should serve as a warning for sneaky Sombra players who like to run amok around the map undetected – her Stealth ability is not always guaranteed to be 100% safe.

Sombra received a buff to Stealth in July 2018, where it was changed from only lasting a few seconds at a time to then becoming indefinite.

This meant a huge shift in gameplay for mains of the hacker, who could now sprint around in games undetected, meaning that they could sneak up on opponents easier.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe Mexican hero’s Stealth ability can give her the edge over opponents.

Stealthed Sombra isn’t always safe

A video posted on Reddit by ‘imjustjun’ shows exactly why the Mexican hero is never as safe as you think she is, and its unexpected twist will have Overwatch fans in stitches.

The player is controlling Ana on the Eichenwalde map as her team tries to stop the payload just before the bridge leading into the castle.

The support hero then spots an opposing Genji on the other side of the gap, and fires a sleep dart his way to stop his advances – but not before accidentally hitting an invisible Sombra who was leaping across.

In a hilarious and extremely lucky turn of events, the enemy hacker hadn’t actually fallen to her death, and had instead landed on a small wooden platform below the bridge.

Upon looking down to see whether the opponent had met their demise or not and wondering how they could get down there in time before she woke up, a teammate Orisa came in clutch.

The tank hero used her Halt – an ability that sends out a graviton charge that pulls foes towards it – to send the Sombra plummeting into the abyss before she could arise from her slumber.

Blizzard EntertainmentOrisa’s Halt ability sucks enemies in and can be useful to take enemies off the objective – or pulling them to their deaths.

The January 9 Overwatch Public Test Region patch unfortunately doesn’t bear any good news for Sombra fans hoping for a way to somehow avoid being caught out in comical situations like these.

However, it does change Orisa, and gives her Fortify damage reduction a 10% decrease from 50 to 40, meaning she might not pose as much of a threat to the hacker in future – asleep or not.


Genius Overwatch trick lets Mercy escape fights on Numbani

Published: 24/Nov/2020 2:51 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 3:55

by Brad Norton


Mercy has a new path to safety on Numbani thanks to an extremely clever Overwatch trick that lets her glide away from intense teamfights.

If you’re ever stuck in a pickle as Mercy, you can always fall back on her Guardian Angel ability to get you out of trouble. Moving from one spot to another in the blink of an eye can easily keep you alive when things are looking grim.

Angelic Descent also comes in handy, enabling Mercy as one of the more mobile Supports in the game. Her kit might be limited in terms of offensive output. However, she can move through the air like no other hero. It turns out her movement abilities might even be more useful than you’d first think.

A genius new spot on the first point of Numbani can have you gliding to safety in no time at all. Here’s what you need to know so you can execute it for yourself.

Overwatch Numbani gameplay
Directly behind the Payload is where you want to line up for this unique trick.

If you’re positioned towards the back of the first capture point, you might be familiar with the often-deadly drop. It can be all too easy to get booped and fall to your death in this position. Whether it’s a Lucio flying overhead or a Wrecking Ball crashing into your team, you’ve likely experienced some pain in this location.

However, playing near this spot is worth the risk for this particular reward with Mercy. A simple tree beyond the railing is actually the perfect distance to jump right into. Once wedged between the branches, you can quickly walk forward and navigate up the front of the tree.

While you might think there’s nowhere to go from here, Mercy’s Angelic Descent completely changes the game. With a perfectly timed jump, you can slowly glide around the corner. This lets you rotate all the way behind the first point and land safely next to the street.

There’s a Mega health pack waiting for you upon landing as well. Just in case you get tagged up while making your escape.

First Point Escape Option |Numbani| For anyone who didn’t know you could do this as Mercy from Overwatch

It might not come in handy for every team fight, but if things are looking dire, it could be the perfect way to get out with your life.

Not feeding the enemy team is often just as important as building your own Ultimates. So keep this unique trick in mind the next time Numbani appears in rotation. It’s just another next-level tactic for Support mains to have at the ready.