Insane Overwatch clip shows why Winston is the best hero for Ana’s Nano Boost

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Ana’s Nano Boost can be one of the most game-changing ultimates in Overwatch, but knowing who to apply the powerful ability to can be a bit confusing. Luckily, Winston is almost always a super safe bet and a clip from the Overwatch League shows why.

Nano Boost has quite a few variables and elements to keep in mind when activating it. First, it heals whoever it is applied to for 300 HP. Next, it decreases any damage that hero receives by 50% while increasing the damage they can do by 50%.

In other words, it makes whoever has Nano way more durable and a massive threat with increased damage. Plus, with the additional damage, there is more ultimate charge gained.

During the April 30 OWL match between the Seoul Dynasty and New York Excelsior, Jae-hee ‘Gesture’ Hong activated his Primal Rage ultimate and wiped the NYE squad with ease on the first point of Eichenwalde.

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Nano Boost can completely flip games on their head.

With that ultimate no longer available, Young-wan ‘Creative’ Kim on the Ana made use of his Nano in the next team fight by giving it to Gesture.

As you can see in the clip, New York tried funneling into the room on the left, but Gesture was able to jump in, use his Tesla canon and damage many of the enemy team with weapon’s cleave.

The important thing about Winston and his primary fire is that he can damage multiple targets at once, meaning that when combined with the Nano, he can dish out some serious pain.

With the Nano alone, he was able to build up over 50% towards another Primal and by the time he was able to jump in again, he had done enough to get another ultimate in just 34 seconds.

For context, Mercy’s Resurrection ability is on a thirty-second cooldown, so Gesture essentially turned his ultimate into a cooldown, which is absolutely nuts.

Next time you’re playing Ana, be sure to give your Winston teammate Nano and let him work his magic. If he knows what he’s doing, you could be looking at a super easy victory.