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Incredibly annoying Overwatch bug makes Lucio stick to walls

Published: 12/Apr/2021 0:38

by Bill Cooney


A super annoying Lucio bug is appearing in Overwatch, and it basically neutralizes one of the healer’s crucial abilities: his wallride.

Wallriding for a Lucio player is like swimming for a fish, so when things don’t work as they should, it’s like playing with one hand (or leg) tied behind your back.

That’s what makes a bug that’s been popping up lately so dang annoying: it causes Lucio to get stuck on walls, turning him from a quick moving target to a sitting duck.

Lucio stuck in a wall? from Overwatch

As you can see in the clip above from Reddit user Secepatnya, Lucio speed boosts onto the wall just outside of the spawn on Nepal Village and hops on just fine… but never comes off.


He gets stuck just like a bug on some flypaper, unable to move in any direction no matter what the player does. At first it almost seems like their latency dropped out, but in game cues keep sounding off and everything else seems normal. Except being completely stuck, of course.

So, how does a stuck Lucio get unstuck? Well, there seem to be two options. You can either wait and beg the enemy team in chat to come and finish you off, or you can get some help from a teammate.

That’s right! Death isn’t your only option, if you have a friendly teammate playing or willing to switch to Symmetra, she can put a teleporter down for Lucio to use and get back to unbugged territory.


Overwatch 2 Lucio upgrade
This bug is enough to tilt even the most seasoned Lucio players.

It’s not a new bug by any means, but for some reason or another it seems to be appearing a little more frequently recently, so if you’re planning on locking in the support anytime soon, just keep that in mind.

Hopefully Blizzard is able to take care of whatever is causing this bug soon, so Lucio’s around the world can get back to doing what they do best ASAP.