Incredible Overwatch Workshop mode helps you perfect D.Va bombs

Blizzard Entertainment

Landing clean, lethal D.Va bombs is an absolute art form in Overwatch—and a new Workshop mode creates the perfect practice environment for your explosive ultimates.

One of Overwatch’s most popular heroes, D.Va blends versatile utility with huge destructive potential. As a flex tank, perhaps no character is better equipped to both peel for your team’s backline and deny positioning to high-ground-abusing DPS. 

But capitalizing on her ultimate is what sets great D.Va players apart from amazing ones, as frequently showcased in the Overwatch League. Now, if you want to drop bombs like the Philadelphia Fusion’s Gael “Poko” Gouzerch or Kim “Fury” Jun-ho, all you have to do is get in this new Workshop mode where clever visualizations make training a treat.

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Sure, there’s unlikely to be any mode that can teach you every single nook and cranny in the game to curve and maneuver your launched mecha, like Fury did with a curb on King’s Row. But this Workshop mode, created by Grandeur Hammers, can help you discover those crafty spots yourself in an environment built for experimentation.

In the mode, you are able to place or throw an ultimate wherever you’d like and then see the exact circumferences of its damage along with a general trajectory needed to reach that spot from elsewhere. With a HUD showing exactly how much damage you would take relative to where the bomb’s location is, this is a sophisticated mode that can help clarify the nuances of the ultimate’s range.

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As seen in the demonstrative video, once a final bomb placement is made, you can melee to see the exact ranges of the ultimate’s damage in spheres of 1,000, 600, and 200 damage. And as you walk around, you can find the exact damage at different ranges by monitoring the ticker at the top of your screen.

This is easily the most useful aspect of this mode, but there are a couple other functions that can also provide some utility. For one, you can press interact when launching a bomb to follow its exact trajectory in the third-person—enabling you to see exactly how it interacts with sloping walls if you throw it over a building, for example.

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For another, there is a Hammond grappling chain that extends from you to the bomb location, allowing you to track line of sight.

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Blizzard Entertainment
An LOS chain shows you if you can be impacted by Self-Destruct’s blast.

While the mode does have one minor drawback, that the damage spheres are not impacted by obstructive walls and surfaces—that is luckily solved by the LOS chain. Since you can always tell if you’re exposed to the bomb or not by the chain’s visibility, you know whether or not to trust the damage indicators.

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As for how to get in on this practice, you can import the code “BBSSO” in Overwatch’s Workshop mode to get started.