Classic Overwatch D.Va movement trick still works perfectly

Connor Bennett

Overwatch players are still using some classic D.Va flank tricks to bamboozle opponents on Kings Row – though you’ll have to take some time to learn it if you’re a newer player.

As Overwatch has a roster of heroes that have their own unique abilities, players can come up with some pretty slick tricks when it comes to movement – be it with a rollout at the start of the match or something else. 

You can easily outflank a player with Genji’s speed, use Wrecking Ball’s swing to get around buildings, jump to the high ground with Junkrat’s Concussion Mine, or speed across the map with Doomfist’s Rocket Punch. However, a classic trick has been popping back up with D.Va – allowing her to get behind enemy lines.

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Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va remains one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes.

Reddit user ImpracticalTokers showed that the classic D.Va flank on Kings Row is still going strong as they got behind the enemies and decided to give them a shock.

Obviously, you need the movement skills to be able to pull this off and not plunge to your death in the open space below, however, it can give you a massive helping hand in games if you can make the jump. As ImpracticalTokers showed, as soon as you get behind enemies with the flank, you can hop out of the Mech and send it into the arms of the unsuspecting opponents.

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Now, to get as successful a kill streak as ImpracticalTokers, you will need the enemies to not even be looking in your direction or be aware of the flank at all. This might be a bit of challenge, of course, but you make your own luck by getting behind enemy lines.

Players have also been able to use the flank with other heroes like Lucio but having the movement skills to pull that one takes some serious practice.