Overwatch fan hits the jackpot with impressive Miner Roadhog skin idea - Dexerto

Overwatch fan hits the jackpot with impressive Miner Roadhog skin idea

Published: 12/Apr/2021 23:15 Updated: 13/Apr/2021 23:31

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan has come up with a new skin idea for Roadhog that turns the tank into an underground miner and equips him with a brand new kind of hook.

Roadhog has been all the rage when it comes to new Overwatch skins lately. Just in the last few weeks he’s had the San Francisco OWL champs skin and the hit Pachimari look.

He didn’t get a new skin for the Archives event though, but that didn’t stop Overwatch fan and concept artist Allison Yu from coming up with a unique new idea anyway.

Allison Yu
This would be the perfect skin to mine some SR with Roadhog.

His mask now resembles a cute little mole instead of a pig, and he’s got the proper coveralls for some work underground.


Like we’ve seen from Yu’s skin designs before, this Roadhog skin has a ton of detail going on, from the yellow miner’s helmet, to the drill bits on the tips of his boots.

“I choose a Miner, because I thought it would be fun to make Roadhog into a giant Mole, and also the pickaxe could work similar to his hook,” Yu told Dexerto. “I gave him a lot of elements related to the miner theme, such as headlight, drill, rope, and miner cutting drum.”

There’s also a little lantern that we hope would be able to light up in dark areas too, as there’s no way Blizzard would overlook that crucial detail if a skin similar to this one ever sees the light of day.


Blizzard Entertainment
Roadhog might not have gotten a new Archives skin, but he’s definitely been spoiled so far in 2021.

Just looking at this design we already have the perfect name for it all picked out: Molehog. Don’t worry, you can have that one for free, Jeff.

Jokes aside there are currently a number of great new skins in-game for Archives 2021, which help make up for the fact it’s yet another year with no new PvE content to speak of.

Up next on the event calendar is Anniversary, which should be followed by Summer Games later on. Whether or not Roadhog will get new skins during either of these is unknown, but any new cosmetic have a hard time topping Molehog.