How to unlock Overwatch League Symmetra skins for free with OWL playoff bracket

Michael Gwilliam
symmetra on lijang tower

The Overwatch League is letting players unlock a couple of rare Symmetra skins for free right now and the process to do so is super easy.

The 2023 Overwatch League playoffs are set to begin on September 28 and players can celebrate the occasion by submitting their brackets to earn skins.

Symmetra has emerged as a truly viable pick in both pro play and ranked thanks to her second rework in OW1 followed by the switch to 5v5 in Overwatch 2.

With the hero more popular than ever, OWL fans can now rock a Symmetra skin in their games and all you have to do is guess what teams you think will win in the playoffs.

Overwatch League lets players unlock free Symmetra skins

To unlock the skin, you will need to visit the Overwatch League website and sign in with your BattleNet account.

From there, you can start filling out the 2023 playoff bracket with scores for who you think will win. Every match is first-to-three with the exception of Grand Finals, which is a first-to-four.

Even if you don’t have the slightest clue about pro Overwatch, don’t worry. You’ll be able to unlock the skins just by submitting your bracket, the results of the matches don’t matter. Just submit before the matches begin!

However, in the event you do submit the best bracket, you’ll win a complete set of a single Overwatch League team skins for a squad of your choosing, which has a value of $250.

If your bracket is perfect, then the prize is even better. You’ll receive a complete set of all Overwatch League team skins for every available Overwatch hero.

Be sure to check out all the action as the Overwatch League playoffs kick off on September 28 from Toronto, Canada.

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