How to get an Overwatch League skin for free until April 29

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League fans finally have a chance to earn some free tokens and unlock a new team skin, but it’s not by watching matches on YouTube.

The League switched from broadcasting on Twitch to showing all matches on YouTube for the 2020 season, and a lot of fans were disappointed that the move also took away their ability to earn OWL Tokens.

Tokens are an in-game currency in Overwatch that allows players to purchase skins and other cosmetics from the League tab. Players used to earn them for free by watching games on Twitch with a linked account, but that option isn’t available on the new platform.

Overwatch LeagueBlizzard Entertainment
OWL fans who watched every match to earn tokens haven’t been thrilled with the move to YouTube.

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That means, in order to pick up new skins this year, players either have to purchase Tokens, or if you’ve been planning ahead, had them saved up from previous seasons.

However, for a limited time, Overwatch League fans will be able to earn enough free Tokens for a team skin of their choice.

All you have to do is use an email that’s connected to your Blizzard account to sign up for the Overwatch League mailing list. Even if you’re already receiving League emails, you can still input your information to get the free tokens, but if you want to take advantage of the offer, you need to do so by April 29.

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After you sign up, the Tokens should appear sometime before May 6, as long as you use the same email connected to the Blizzard account you play Overwatch on.

There’s one more stipulation as well: the 100 free tokens you receive have to spent by May 31, 2020, or they’ll just disappear from your account.

Unfortunately, the promotion began just a day after the San Francisco Shock’s Championship Doomfist skin became unavailable, so only regular team skins can be unlocked with this method.

Blizzard Entertainment
The exclusive Thunder Doomfist skin was packed into the vault on April 9.

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While this still doesn’t solve the main problem that many fans have with not receiving drops from YouTube, at least it gives them the opportunity to pick up a League skin for free.

Whether or not the League will reward Tokens for watching matches on YouTube in the future remains to be seen, but it would definitely encourage a few more people to tune in each week.