Pokemon artist goes viral with incredible Fall Guys skin crossovers

Brent Koepp
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An artist went viral after creating epic Pokemon skin concepts for hit party battle royale Fall Guys. The stunning concept is the perfect crossover you never knew you wanted until now.

Fall Guys has taken the world by storm since its debut on PC and PS4 in August. The party battle royale has been a massive hit on streaming sites like Twitch, as viewers flock to see their favorite personalities wipe out in glorious fashion.

A talented artist went viral on social media when he created Pokemon-themed skins using Gen I monsters. The incredible creation brings the iconic Nintendo RPG together with the latest gaming craze in the most perfect way possible.

fall guys pokemon skins
Talented artist Chase Morello shared his FG Pokemon skin concepts on Twitter.

Pokemon Fall Guys skin concepts

The concept behind FG is brilliant: take Mario Party-style mini games, combine them with extreme physics, and let 60 players duke it out in obstacle courses until there is only one left standing.

To celebrate the party game, artist Chase Morello posted his Pokemon x Fall Guys crossover on August 23. The creator went with popular Gen I starter evolutions Blastoise, Charizard, and Venesaur.

Morello uploaded a video of his concept in a tweet that shows off what it would look like in-game. “Gotta wear em all!” he captioned the post. The clip quickly went viral on social media with over 600k views at the time of writing.


The artist even hilariously replied to fans who claimed that the Grass-type starter’s skin had a “really long neck.” In a separate tweet, he quoted a reply that said “Tall Venasaur looks so cursed omg” and jokingly responded with “It is better to be feared than loved.”

fall guys tweet

Morello is really talented creator who actually re-created other popular monsters in 3D. He has previously made Gen III Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza and Kyogre.

Currently, Fall Guys skins can either be bought using in-game currency, or by exchanging coveted Crowns which are obtained by winning a match.

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