Hilarious Overwatch trick turns Orisa’s Supercharger into Baptiste’s Immortality Field

Overwatch Orisa with superchargerBlizzard Entertainment

Toxicity can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re playing Overwatch, but one player has come up with a hilarious trick involving Mei and Orisa that will lighten up even the most tilting games.

As Blizzard continues to struggle with containing Overwatch’s cheaters and toxic players, we could all use a little something to spread some positivity in-game.

While utilizing Washington Justice’s star player Tae-sung ‘Mag’ Kim’s strategy of turning off the chat is always an option, one player has come up with a bizarre trick for Mei and Orisa that, while it has very limited use in actual gameplay, is perfect for making fans all across the Overwatch universe smile.

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So be sure to grab your resident Orisa and Mei mains and get ready for the weirdest party you’ll ever see in Overwatch.

Overwatch Mei cryo-freeze abilityBlizzard Entertainment
Mei’s Cryo-Freeze is a key part of this fun little trick.

Mei and Orisa trick is perfect for some Overwatch fun

One player has discovered a bizarre matchup between Mei’s Cryo-Freeze ability and Orisa’s Supercharger ultimate that creates a perfect, yet very much unintended, damage-boosting disco ball.

When the icy DPS enters her Cryo-Freeze form (which covers Mei in a sheet of impenetrable ice,) Orisa can then place the Supercharger on top of the DPS-shaped iceberg. When it shatters, the Supercharger will remain floating in the air, healing all of your party from above. Mei can also Cryo-Freeze on top of her wall for some added height.

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In the video, we see the whole Overwatch gang getting together and boogying around the floating Supercharger, almost as though they’re worshipping its miraculous floating qualities.

While this combo is largely just for fun, there are potential uses for it in-game. Putting the Supercharger inside a roof or enclosed area stops it from getting destroyed instantly, and if you add a shield on top of that you can add an extra layer that players will need to get through.

However, you can also just have a dance party, or a Supercharger seance. The choice is totally up to you.

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