Overwatch “Iceshatter” trick makes Mei and Reinhardt a lethal combo

Michael Gwilliam. Last updated: Sep 08, 2021
Mei and Reinhardt ice wall combo
Blizzard Entertainment

Some crazy new Overwatch tricks have been discovered that make Reinhardt and Mei one of the best combinations in the game thanks to some fancy shenanigans you can pull off with Ice Wall.

Earthshatter can be a game-winning ultimate by its own, knocking enemy teams to the ground and leaving them vulnerable to oncoming attacks. With Mei’s help, this ultimate can become even better and your foes will never see it coming.

As shown by YouTuber and streamer McMagicMarv, by lifting Reinhard into the air with Icewall, he can then Shatter. While normally this may be seen as griefing your teammates, especially if not done on purpose, with some coordination and the right spot, it can have devastating results.

By positioning the wall so that it’s touching a similar height ledge, Reinhardt can slam his hammer down on the Icewall and have the quake travel onto nearby foes who will never be expecting it.

This means that the high ground isn’t a safe spot from a Reinhardt-Mei hero combination, all thanks to this trick appropriately dubbed “Iceshatter.”

Plus, this isn’t the only crazy combo the two heroes have in their arsenal. When there is a space in the wall that some tanks can’t squeeze through, Mei can help them out by going into Cryo Freeze and thereby push them.

Considering the enemy would be unsuspecting an attack, this can be used to bait them, leading to some pretty sneaky counters, such as an Earthshatter right after emerging through the wall.

Iceshatter with Mei and Rein
YouTube/Blizzard Entertainment
Iceshatter is a crazy combination.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, there are some spots where Mei can help tanks phase through a wall if they’re standing in the corner. Though, as McMagicMarv notes, this is probably a bug that will be patched, so use it at your own risk.

With so many tools available to help Mei and Reinhardt, this is one deadly Overwatch duo you should watch out for, or work with, in your own ranked games.