Overwatch pros show best way to shut up trash talkers in match chat

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Tired of dealing with trash talkers in your Overwatch games? An Overwatch League pro revealed the best way to shut up people trying to get under your skin in the absolute best way possible.

Trash talk and competition is a combination as old as time, dating back to the Jurassic period where dinosaurs would write “gg ez” before eating each other.

Seriously, though. Overwatch match chat lets players from both teams communicate and potentially get under each others’ skin by talking smack. This ended up happening in the OWL too, where the Houston Outlaws desperately tried to tilt the Washington Justice.

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With the Outlaws leading 2-1 in the series, the Texas squad ramped up the heat, mocking the Justice for stepping off the point in Eichenwalde resulting in a C9. With Dorado tied 3-3 and in extra rounds, Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz scored a Remech kill after Duplicating D.Va as Echo.

(Segment begins at 1:35:00 for mobile viewers)

“D.Va Remech does damage btw,” he wrote in the chat, taking a shot at Washington for the embarrassing death. By this point, every Overwatch player knows D.Va’s re-mech does damage, so to tell a pro that is just laughable.

Rather than get tilted, however, the Justice squad remained composed and never took the bait. They kept playing their game and did so well, winning Dorado and eventually Busan to take the series 3-2, booking their flight to Hawaii for playoffs.

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After the match, Tae-sung ‘Mag’ Kim explained that he blocked the chats so he couldn’t see what Houston was saying. Even though his teammates could see the trash talk, he had their back. And as we have seen in the past, keeping your teammates from tilting can be a key to victory.

“I told them to just forget about it, play the game and just win,” Mag said. “At the end of the day it really didn’t affect me at all.”

That said, this didn’t stop Mag from having some fun himself when his team was performing well, answering Houston’s trash talk by simply typing “LUL” in Korean.

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Next time you’re facing off against people who like to talk smack, take Mag’s performance into consideration and it may end up helping you and your team immensely.