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Gundam Overwatch clone reveals Mobile Suit abilities perfect for OW2 hero

Published: 28/Jan/2022 15:05

by Michael Gwilliam


Bandai Namco’s Overwatch-style game ‘Gundam Evolution’ has unveiled a new set of Mobile Suit abilities that would be perfect for an Overwatch 2 hero.

Overwatch hasn’t had a new hero since Echo was released as the 32nd and final character for the original game. Luckily, a lot more heroes are planned with Overwatch 2, meaning a lot more abilities are in the works.

Each hero in Overwatch features unique skills that help them stand out from the rest of the cast. While there is some crossover of sorts, such as tanks having barriers, for the most part, kits are completely original.


Now, with Bandai getting in on the hero shooter craze, it could be time for Blizzard to borrow some ideas from Gundam Evolution in return and the latest Mobile Suit has an ability that would work wonders.

Gundam Evolution “jump booster” would work in Overwatch

On January 27, the Gundam Evolution Twitter account posted videos showing off the skills of Mobile Suit GM Sniper II.

Among the clips was a special “jump booster” ability in which the Mobile Suit installs a gadget that allows allies to reach new heights, similar to the jump pads found in the Oasis map.

Once players no longer need the gadget, they can destroy it with the click of a button. It’s unclear if enemies can shoot it to destroy it too, but the ability could have some amazing use in Overwatch.


Overwatch 2 Winston reveal
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch 2 will have a lot of new heroes.

For example, imagine placing a jump pad while your Cassidy teammate activates their Deadeye ultimate and then gains insane height to wipe an entire enemy team.

Or, what about letting heroes with poor or non-existent vertical mobility access high ground locations with ease? Suddenly, a lot more flanking and other routes can open up allowing for some fun ways to bypass chokes and other obstacles.

Overwatch 2 may not have a release date yet, but the OWL will be playing on an early build of the game in April, so maybe fans will get a chance to play a beta in the coming months. Who knows – maybe Blizzard already has a hero with a jump pad in the works? But if they don’t, it could be a smart addition in a future update.