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Overwatch meets Crash Bandicoot with these wacky skin ideas

Published: 28/Jan/2022 14:03

by Lauren Bergin


An insane new set of Overwatch skin ideas transform Lucio, Reaper, and many more into some of Crash Bandicoot’s most famous faces, and we’re absolutely obsessed.

Activision Blizzard have produced some of the gaming universe’s most iconic titles, but two of their classics are FPS, Overwatch, and noughties favorite, Crash Bandicoot.

While the former has struggled to maintain interest as of late despite the upcoming sequel, the crazy antics of Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku have rendered them immortal in the eyes of many gamers. In fact, the hyperactive hero is so popular that Smash players have even modded him into Nintendo’s fighter title.


What would happen, though, if Crash and his merry band of misfits ever made their way into Blizzard’s flagship FPS? One fan has reimagined some of Overwatch’s most popular characters in a series of Crash-inspired skin concepts that we need to see in-game.

crash bandicoot and coco in about time
Crash and Coco returned for ‘It’s About Time’ in 2020, bringing the franchise back into the modern age.

Overwatch X Crash Bandicoot crossover is perfect

The brainchild of Overwatch fan artist, Jetto, several of Crash Bandicoot’s hairy heroes and fearsome foes have been transformed into characters inspired by the FPS.

Brazilian support, Lucio, has been reimagined as our hero himself, sporting the DJ’s classic dreadlocks and green armor, but also the furry form of a muscled Crash.

On the dark side, Reaper’s skull-inspired face mask has been replaced with Uka Uka’s fearsome Tiki-style visage, shrouded by the Talon villain’s swirling black hood. Sporting the former Blackwatch commander’s tactical-style black armor, his arms are yellow to match Neo Cortex, the prime antagonist of the saga.


He’s flanked by N. Trogma, Moina, and Torbjin, mashups inspired by Sigma, Moira, and Torbjorn respectively. Our favorite has to be Junkeroo, though. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘a match made in heaven?’ Well, it’s this explosive Junkrat meets Ripper Roo extravaganza.

It goes without question that fans have rained praise on Jetto’s designs, hinting at Blizzard to incorporate some of them into Overwatch.

“This is so sick, literally was just talking with some friends about this last night with these exact choices!” writes one, while another comments: “Junkrat suits Ripper Roo perfectly!”

Another proposes a crossover with Crash’s sister franchise, Spyro, asking “why do I now wanna see Spyro x Bastion?”


As the game continues to develop under the Microsoft brand, perhaps we’ll see a few characters make it into Overwatch. In the meantime, though, we’d also love to see some Spyro inspired skins – so get on it, Overwatch artists of the world!