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Viral Overwatch “deadliest combo” ever kills entire team and still isn’t POTG

Published: 27/Jan/2022 20:22

by Michael Gwilliam


An Overwatch player has gone viral for unleashing one of the craziest, most damaging combos in the history of the game – but somehow, it still didn’t receive Play of the Game honors.

With each new hero added to Overwatch, the potential for devastating combos increases. Many of the game’s post-launch heroes have abilities that greatly enhance damage, and when combined, the results can be terrifying.

Ana’s Nano Boost, for example, increases a single hero’s damage by 50%. Orisa’s Super Charger boosts every ally within its line of sight by 50% and Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix doubles every attack shot through it.


Alone, they’re already extremely powerful, but one team managed to use them together with a Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor – and players are calling it the “deadliest combo” in the entire game.

we can win this with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP (and a whole lot of damage) from Overwatch

Insane Overwatch 6K combo somehow doesn’t get POTG

In a post on Reddit, user ‘FunnyJokePerson’ showed off the deadly group attack on Route 66 and it’s absolutely incredible.

With so many damage boosts applied, the Soldier 76 player was able to melt the entire enemy squad in seconds, securing a 6K, with his Roadhog teammate getting the final blow on the remaining foe.

In the comments, players determined that he was doing 90 damage per bullet – and that’s without headshots doubling the incoming DPS even more.


Soldier 76 uses tactical visor
Blizzard Entertainment
That is a lot of damage, but somehow not POTG?

Amazingly, however, the lethal combination didn’t get Play of the Game! According to the uploader, that honor went to a Sigma who stopped a Nano Blade with his accretion ability.

“Not even a kill. Just a stun,” the OP wrote in the comments, baffling players.

“I believe the POTG system is broken beyond belief,” a confused fan chimed in.

While it may not have been POTG, this combo is definitely something you should consider keeping in your back pocket if you’re ever in an overtime situation and need to throw the kitchen sink at your foes.