Genius Zenyatta rework would be perfect Overwatch 2 change

Lauren Bergin
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Overwatch 2 has seen a whole plethora of reworks for the likes of Orisa and Doomfist, but one player has come up with a slew of awesome changes for Omnic healer, Zenyatta.

As Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 beta comes to a close and the highly-anticipated sequel slinks back into the shadows, players have been left completely divided by the game’s new content.

While many players have been dazzled by the new maps and 5v5 skirmishes, others have been left out in the cold, slamming both Widowmaker and Orisa’s respective changes.

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Omnic monk and support extraordinaire, Zenyatta, also received a buff to his passive that now allows him to kick players out of range if they get on top of him, but one player has decided that isn’t enough and has created a full blown-rework for the zen master that would be perfect for Overwatch 2.

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Zenyatta deals as much damage as he heals, but this all-new design for the Omnic would switch up how he plays.

Overwatch 2 player’s awesome Zenyatta rework idea

While everyone’s favorite Omnic has received a slight overhaul in Overwatch 2, one fan has decided he needs a little bit more love.

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Posting their idea to Reddit, Shinoluigi has amended Zen’s passive and orbs systems. His new kit would revolve around ‘Meditation Orbs’ which would be dropped on the ground for allies to collect and enemies to become ensnared in. Each orb would offer 80/100 healing for allies and slow enemies by 10/20% if stepped upon. Only three can be active at once, and they do not stack.

His passive would mean that those who are killed by Discord Orbs (the hero’s current damage-dealing orbs) would leave a Meditation Orb in their place for allies to collect and heal up with.

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“My main focus was to give Zen something to do while no active ally is down on HP,” they explain. “One thing I have noticed is how other healers can fast heal someone, while Zen healing is slow but steady. I feel sometimes I cannot help a fleeing ally on time because the orb takes some time to arrive and it heals over time. This gives him a tool to ’emergency heal.'”

Their concept has certainly attracted attention, with one writing “cool design, and super nice presentation!”

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Another suggests that Blizzard should use this mechanic to create a completely new support, noting “don’t fix what isn’t broken. Fun concept, but maybe for another support.”

Whether we’ll see Shinoluigi’s concept added into Overwatch 2 in the form of either Zenyatta or a new challenger remains unseen. Either way, it’s an awesome mechanic – Blizzard had better take notes.

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