Overwatch 2 players want “oppressive” Widowmaker nerfed after 5v5 change

Michael Gwilliam
Widowmaker in OW2

As the Overwatch 2 beta continues, players are voicing concerns about Widowmaker being overpowered with less barriers and an additional tank to block her immense damage.

While Overwatch 2 has had its fair share of criticisms thus far, one thing players seem to be in agreement about is that the change to 5v5 is good for the game.

With less emphasis on ultimates and more carry potential for skilled players, OW2 has pleased many, but it seems like one of its biggest drawbacks is how it enables the formidable sniper Widowmaker.

As the first beta is set to conclude soon, players are hoping for some changes to the Talon agent in the future that would see her have less of an impact by clicking heads.

overwatch widowmaker with sniper rifle smirking at camera
Widowmaker has been causing problems for players in Overwatch 2.

Players call for Widowmaker nerfs in Overwatch 2

In a post on Reddit, user ‘bad_dream’ voiced frustration with Widowmaker being too “oppressive” with just one tank on each team.

“I’m not saying it’s unplayable, but I am 100% having to play around a Widow every game now and it’s forcing me not to pick the characters I want to pick,” the Redditor explained.

Others agreed, describing their own experiences dealing with snipers and the trouble teams face so far.

“Had to play against a good Widow and Hanzo on Circuit Royal last night. Holy sh*t, was that annoying and oppressive,” one replied.

Will Blizzard nerf Widowmaker in future betas?

“I am shocked they didn’t nerf Widow in that balance update honestly. Maybe they’re trying to keep her relevant at lower ranks but she is kind of a menace right now, especially on certain maps,” another suggested.

“Widow always been a problem and I’m tired of people pretending it’s not. Nerf the sh*t out of her already. Delete her,” a very angry player demanded.

It’s not clear what the devs have planned for the sniper in future betas, but it seems like Widowmaker’s strength is something they might need to look into if she proves to be a bit too powerful.

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