Genius Overwatch trick gets you to Havana high ground with ease


Overwatch players have uncovered a fascinating new trick on Havana that lets heroes climb to a powerful high ground spot easier than ever before.

Havana was released into the Overwatch map pool in May 2019. Yet almost a full year on, players are still finding new tricks to give themselves a leg up over the competition.

The Escort map sees players fighting through a sun-kissed Cuban locale, though a cheeky new high ground play could catch enemies by surprise in the dimly lit distillery in the second checkpoint.

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Defending the second section of the map can be quite difficult due to its rather unique layout. Sharp corners and numerous flanking routes give way to aggressive attacking plays more often than not.

However, a high ground spot within the distillery is typically held down by defenders, with no easy way for attackers to dislodge them without a Pharah or Genji. 

It turns out that almost every hero can make their way to this high ground spot thanks to powerful new jumping tech discovered by Reddit user ‘Drunken_Queen.’

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Rather than relying on a friendly Mei to boost you up, Torbjorn and other less-mobile heroes are able to jump parkour their way on top with ease.

The first three jumps can get you from the base level up to the overhead platforms in a jiffy. It’s good for getting out of a pickle when teamfights erupt around the payload. 

For the second set of jumps to work though, you’ll need the railing to still be intact. Climbing on top of the railing will then let you navigate to the very highest point throughout the second phase of the map. 

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From placing down a Torb turret to setting up a deadly and unexpected High Noon, this clever tactic could easily help win your next game on Havana.

A McCree Ultimate out of nowhere on Havana could help swing a game in your favor.

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While it does take a few seconds to set up, and you need a destructible part of the map to help you, it’s certainly a powerful trick that could catch enemies by surprise.

This spot is viable for both attackers and defenders, so be sure to keep an eye out on this section no matter what side you’re on.

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