Overwatch players want major changes to 2CP game mode

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Assault, commonly referred to as 2CP, is considered to be Overwatch’s most controversial game mode. Relying heavily on attack coordination, the game type has been criticized by players since the title’s release. Now, pros have weighed in on ways to “fix” it for good.

Spanish Overwatch League star Alberto ‘neptuNo’ González took to Twitter to address 2CP and revealed what he’d personally do to make the mode better.

In Assault, teams take turns attacking and defending. The attackers need to gain control of two capture points held by the defenders, hence the name “2CP.” However, because of how the maps are structured, combined with defenders respawn advantage, attacking can be a real pain.

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Blizzard Entertainment
2CP greatly favors the defenders.

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For neptuNo, the first thing he’d do if he was Blizzard was add more flank routes that are accessible for most heroes.

Take Hanamura B for instance. There is a large gap on to the left for the attackers that only certain heroes can access. This limits the attack possibilities and forces the attackers to either go through the middle or through a very narrow corridor on the top right.

The Guangzhou Charge main support also suggested adding cover around the point so, “it doesn’t feel like being in the middle of a minefield in open space in World War 2.”

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As it stands, only Paris has a statue for cover on its second point with no other map featuring any sort of obstacle to shield them from enemy abilities.

Natural cover would give the attackers something to hide behind in the event the defenders use Ultimates like D.Va’s Self-Destruct. As it stands, unless the attackers have barriers, the D.Va bomb will force the enemy to clear the point.

Finally, the pro recommended removing the amount of highground spots, which would make attacking far easier.

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Other pros weighed in, such as retired Outlaws DPS Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon who wrote, “If there is time for roughly 8-10 teamfights in a 2CP timebank and attackers need to win two to finish the map, this means defenders need a >75%-80% teamfight winrate to hold. This mechanic enforces a need for terrible maps. Kill 2CP.”

He has an interesting point, claiming that the maps are designed to favor defenders because the attackers only need to win one or two fights.

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Hopefully, Blizzard can figure out a solution to 2CP by the time Overwatch 2 releases.

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